Drive Sustainable F&I Growth in a Regulated Dynamic Market

AADA WORKSHOP PROGRAM - Track 1: Operational Disruption
04 Sep 2018
13:30 - 14:30
Level 1 Meeting Rooms

Drive Sustainable F&I Growth in a Regulated Dynamic Market

Russell Bryant.

National Manager Strategy & Transformation, Macquarie Leasing.

The dynamic nature of the auto market is driven by the pace of evolving customer needs and changing regulatory environment. This creates new challenges, but also opens up opportunities for innovation and growth. Russell will walk you through the changes in detail, share valuable insight into the auto market, and what the research is telling us about evolving customer needs.

The retail Automotive Industry has been the subject of intense scrutiny from ASIC, which has mandated changes in the way dealership F&I departments operate. Russell will share with participants his knowledge of changing customer needs and evolving sales processes.

Participants should walk away with further insight into the regulatory changes and action items they can confidently implement to ensure they are future-proofing their dealerships.