How Your Dealership CFO Can Reduce Your HR Costs

AADA WORKSHOP PROGRAM - Track 3: Managing Prosperity
05 Sep 2018
09:00 - 10:00
Level 1 Meeting Rooms

How Your Dealership CFO Can Reduce Your HR Costs

Sharon Pask

Director, RemiPeople

Sharon started in the Automotive Industry at the age of 16, working in the Parts Department. Several decades later she is now the CFO for a group of Victorian dealerships, sits on various advisory committees and is the first woman representing new car Dealers appointed to the VACC Board of Management. Part of her drive comes from her desire to make it easier for other women to find success and reward in the sector.

Dealerships and OEM’s struggle to measure the costs of turnover due to lack of transparency. As a result, the expense of high turnover is often dismissed and put into the too hard basket. Sharon will break down recruitment and turnover cost, in an easy step by step guide that will demonstrate the actual cost to dealerships.