Listening is the Key to True Connection

AADA WORKSHOP PROGRAM - Track 3: Managing Prosperity
05 Sep 2018
09:00 - 10:00
Level 1 Meeting Rooms

Listening is the Key to True Connection

Lisa Fogarty.

Founder & Director, Performance Circle.

We live in a world where everybody is talking, texting, or tweeting, and virtually nobody is listening. Real connection: where did it go? Discover how to empower salespeople to become better listeners to make real connections to boost leads, traffic and profits while decreasing turnover. Lisa’s witty, playful content reminds you that training should be fun and engaging. Learn the mind-set and simple secret to connection and unleash this ultimate competitive advantage.

Lisa is a successful business woman and a practiced speaking professional with a reputation for engaging an audience, with a range of topics from customer engagement, selling-skills, strategy, innovation, presentation skills and relationship building.