Navigating Tricks & Traps of Warranty Reimbursement

AADA WORKSHOP PROGRAM - Track 2: Business Disruption
04 Sep 2018
14:30 - 15:30
Level 1 Meeting Rooms

Navigating Tricks & Traps of Warranty Reimbursement

Alan Bergman.

CEO, Star Automotive Consulting.

Attendees will re-focus on maintaining improved front-to-back aftersales compliance to avoid the threat of manufacturer warranty reimbursement underpayments, unconscionable and unfair chargebacks, warranty audits and extrapolation manufacturer imposed penalty imposts. Attendees will learn how to apply processes that will drastically reduce State Consumer Tribunal / Fair Trading hearings, and disputed warranty claim lawsuits.

Warranty reimbursement is a science, and Alan Bergman is its Einstein. The field is full of tricks and traps that will cost you money if you are not on top of them.

If there is a go-to workshop at the 2018 AADA National Dealer Convention & Expo, this is it. Don’t miss out.