The Autonomous Customer

AADA WORKSHOP PROGRAM - Track 4: Marketing Prosperity
05 Sep 2018
10:30 - 11:30
Level 1 Meeting Rooms

The Autonomous Customer

Alex Heat.

Industry Manager Automotive, Google.

Buying a car today is a very different journey than 10 years ago.  We know that Australians complete the majority of their research online, and that today, it’s a long and complex journey.

But what actually gets people in the door of your dealership?

Google will present a ground-breaking piece of research that showcases the customer journey from the first action online to a closed sale at the dealership.

We will share data-driven insights into real customer journeys that answer long held questions in the industry and bust some myths.

Most importantly, we will talk about how we can help you drive more sales and a better in-dealer customer experience