AADA Convention and Expo
Brisbane  |  2-3 June 2022

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AADA 2022 Program

7:00 am - 8:30 am AADA Central

AADA Auto-IT Opening Breakfast

The AADA Auto-IT Opening Breakfast is the traditional AADA Convention opener. It is the first gathering of delegates, when we come together and focus on the agenda for the days ahead. AADA and Auto-IT strive to present informative and entertaining speakers, and this year is no exception.

Steven Bradbury, Australia’s first ever Winter Olympic Gold Medallist and four time Olympian, has a remarkable story, winning his incredible victory after his fellow competitors all fell over, and he cruised to the finish line. ‘Doing a Bradbury’ is now officially in the Macquarie Dictionary!

Thanks to Auto-IT, Steven’s success strategy can help teach your team how to put themselves in position to be the next to ‘do a Bradbury’.

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Steven Bradbury Steven Bradbury Winter Olympics Gold Medallist
9:30 am - 12:30 pm AADA Central

AADA General Session

Click here for full details of the AADA General Session

The AADA General Session is the cornerstone of the AADA Convention, and this year we are delighted to welcome Peter Switzer as Host to the 2022 AADA Convention & Expo.

James Voortman will deliver the AADA Opening Statement reporting on the work that AADA has completed on behalf of new car franchised dealers over the past year, and detail other aspects of AADA’s ongoing policy challenges in the year ahead.

Lee Peters and Dale McCauley will follow with Profit in Focus with Deloitte. The Deloitte Profit Focus philosophy is to use data-driven insights to help you fine tune the performance of your business. They help you to uncover the opportunities you are missing, and then make the most of them.

Following Lee and Dale, Michael Holmes and Ren Blanning will present The HIgh Performance Dealership - Digitial Strategy Essentials with Carsales, sharing the key digital metric markers that lead to sales success, the practical steps you can take to exceed traditional benchmarks, and what defines high performance dealerships in the digital world.

To close the General Session, our host, Peter Switzer, will moderate F&I: The New Frontier, with a panel of industry experts exploring the substantial change in this vital area of dealership operations.

This session will be live-streamed.

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12:30 pm - 1:30 pm AADA Expo Village

AADA Pentana Solutions Expo Luncheon

A highlight of the AADA Convention & Expo every year is the Pentana Solutions Expo Luncheon, which follows the AADA General Session on Thursday.

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1:30 pm - 2:15 pm TBA

AADA Workshop Block A

Click here to see all details of our AADA Management Workshop Program.

Workshop Block A will have 4 concurrent workshops:

Data is the new oil – are you refining and protecting your customer database?
Speaker: Paul Starkey

Increase your sales conversion – how to maximise digital opportunities and future-proof your business
Speaker: Ren Blanning

Best practice digital retailing and online financing – don’t get left behind!
Speaker: Michael Clarke

How car subscription can add to your dealership’s bottom line
Speaker: Michael Higgins

2:30 pm - 3:15 pm TBA

AADA Workshop Block B

Malcolm is the CEO of Eric Insurance Ltd (eric), a specialty General Insurer in the Automotive retail insurance space. eric was formed following the acquisition of Swann Insurance, by Avea Insurance, before establishing the eric brand from this transaction in 2016/17.

He has a strong connectivity with the Dealer network and has been a significant contributor to the discussion and policy development of the sale of Add on Insurance, within both the Insurance Industry, the Dealer network and the Regulators.

Click here to see all details of our AADA Management Workshop Program.

Workshop Block B will have 4 concurrent workshops:

Fraud! Yes, it can happen to you in ways you won’t expect, and the cost may be too high.
Speaker: Stefanie Orlando

Connecting with your customers throughout the buying journey and beyond conversion
Speaker: Gavin Cox

Why insurance income is still a viable part of your business
Speakers: Ross Saunders & Harry Pitts

Is your sales team the new F&I department?
Speakers: Simon Penhaligon & Grant Clayton

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm AADA Central

AADA Keynote Session

Click here for full details of the AADA Keynote Session

AADA is honoured to welcome The Hon Bruce Billson GAICD to our AADA Keynote Session to deliver our annual Keynote Address.

AADA Chairman, David Blackhall, will deliver his first Chairman's Address, updating on AADA's progress over the past two years since we last met in person.

Following David will be our Industry Panel hosted by James Voortman, Your AADA at Work, bringing together Automotive Industry leaders on advocacy and policy events of the past year.

This session will be live-streamed.

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5:30 pm - 6:30 pm AADA Expo Village

AADA Valvoline Cocktail Event

The AADA Valvoline Networking Event is an enjoyable way to wind down and connect with your fellow delegates to discuss the highlights of Convention day one and explore the vast array of solutions and services on display at the AADA Expo.

Join us on Thursday afternoon in the true “hub” of the Convention, the Expo Hall, for some light refreshments and fun activities at this complimentary Event, proudly brought to you by Valvoline.

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7:00 am - 8:30 am AADA Central

AADA MotorOne Breakfast

The AADA MotorOne Breakfast never fails to deliver on its mission to inspire, move and motivate.

A cancer survivor against all odds, businessman and elite sportsman, Michael Crossland’s story will move and inspire, as he teaches the keys to success, the importance of embracing change and the mindset needed to achieve your goals.

Once you hear him speak, you will have a renewed perspective on life.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic event. Reserve your spot today and join us at breakfast with MotorOne. You will be entertained, inspired and ready to move mountains in your world.

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Michael Crossland Michael Crossland Raw, Real and Truly Inspiring
9:30 am - 10:30 am AADA Central

Impactful Marketing With Autotrader Group: What Strategies Industry Leaders will Prioritise In 2022

Manisha Seewal, Chief Marketing Officer at Autotrader Group, CarsGuide and Gumtree, will lead a panel discussion around ‘Impactful Marketing – What Strategies Industry Leaders Will Prioritise in 2022’. This session will engage industry experts to provide realworld advice on how to maximise results during a challenging time for the industry.

This session will be live-streamed.

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Michael Olek Michael Olek Alto Group
Group Marketing Manager
David Hanlin David Hanlin Universal Internet Services
Tim Stanton Tim Stanton Maserati Australia & New Zealand
National Marketing Manager
Manisha Seewal Manisha Seewal Autotrader Group, CarsGuide and Gumtree
Chief Marketing Officer
10:30 am - 11:15 am TBA

AADA Workshop Block C

Click here to see all details of our AADA Management Workshop Program.

Workshop Block C will have 4 concurrent workshops:

Digitalisation is changing customer expectations – how dealers can adapt and create seamless customer experience via digital transformation
Speakers: Zaheer Jappie & Richard Dicello

Sales and Service Calls Mastered
Speaker: Steve Curran

Win the Digital Future: Strategic Leadership Essentials
Speaker: Ben Solomon

How a virtual business manager is supporting in-house BMs to increase finance penetration
Speakers: Tom Caesar & Alex Bodriagin

11:30 am - 12:15 pm TBA

AADA Workshop Block D

Click here to see all details of our AADA Management Workshop Program.

Workshop Block D will have 4 concurrent workshops:

Optimising revenue streams – how to leverage dealership finance in your digital strategy
Speaker: Darren Kumar

Data driven inventory and stocking decisions – using technology insights to drive your business forward
Speakers: Scott Allen & Adam Fraser

What is required from the Modern Manager?
Speakers: John Fountain & Michael Johnson

Learn how you can offer finance in your dealership within 60 mins, 7 days a week
Speakers: Alex Luther

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm AADA Central

AADA Carsales Luncheon

Not many people can lay claim to being a Paralympic gold medallist and world champion whilst still being in their teenage years. Then again, there aren’t many people like Dylan Alcott AO.

Australian of the Year 2022, Dylan Alcott AO, a dual sport athlete, has represented Australia on the international stage in both wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis since the age of 13.

Dylan was born with a rare type of tumour wrapped around his spinal cord, which required immediate surgery only weeks after birth. After a three-year battle for his life, Dylan defied the odds and through sheer determination and hard work, he has become.

Dylan Alcott is a keen philanthropist and broke the world record playing wheelchair tennis for 24 consecutive hours non-stop, raising an incredible $100,000 for two charities.

Dylan’s true passion is his work as a motivational speaker, and through his inspirational storytelling, he is continually trying to alter and change the way people with disabilities are perceived in the wider community.

Thanks to Carsales, prepare to be inspired by Dylan Alcott AO.

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Dylan Alcott AO Dylan Alcott AO Australian of the Year
2:00 pm - 2:45 pm TBA

AADA Workshop Block E

Click here to see all details of our AADA Management Workshop Program.

Workshop Block E will have 4 concurrent workshops:

Be great at gathering, analysing and managing your client data
Speaker: Brendan Bates

Maximising Wholesale Efficiency and Margin
Speaker: Andrew Tyson

The Midas Touch - worth protecting? Are Restraint of Trade Clauses worth the paper they’re written on?
Speaker: John-Anthony Hodgens

Autonomous Vehicle Inspection: Check every vehicle, see every opportunity
Speakers: Adam Caddeo & Robert Reeves

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm AADA Central

AADA Closing Session

Click here for full details of the AADA Closing Session

In our Closing Session of the 2022 AADA Convention & Expo, Convention Host Peter Switzer will moderate a feature panel, The Australian Used Car Market S.W.O.T., followed by James Voortman and a panel of EV experts in Electric Vehicles, Dealers and Australia: The Big Picture and how new car franchised dealers will be impacted by significant change soon.

To close out the 2022 AADA Convention & Expo, AADA CEO, James Voortman will deliver his closing statement

.This session will be live-streamed.

Available to stream from 7am 02/06/2022

Ricky Bobby's Guide to Winning with SEO in 2022

It's time to change the way you think about SEO - it's your most important marketing channel, and it's too important to use outdated tactics. Don't miss this workshop with Greg Gifford to learn why dealers need Local SEO, which signals influence local visibility, and how to optimize those signals. You'll learn all about website content, inbound links, customer reviews, and Google My Business.

Greg Gifford Greg Gifford SearchLab Digital
Vice President
Available to stream from 7am 02/06/2022

Amazing Customer Service

Amazing customer service is the key to success today. Create raving fans – customers whose consistently great experiences and feelings make it easier to part with hard-earned dollars. Get specific tips and techniques to ‘WOW’ customers, generate fantastic online reviews and retain customers.

David Martin David Martin The Mar-Kee Group
Available to stream from 7am 02/06/2022

Digital Marketing Simplified!

The moderator of the 1st Digital Marketing Manager 20 Group and FordDirect founder will share proven strategies used by some of North America’s most successful dealerships and groups. Simplify website, traffic sources, 3rd party listing and social media to drive sales and profit growth.

David Kain David Kain Kain Automotive Inc.
Available to stream from 7am 02/06/2022

SPECIAL REPORT: The Dealership of Tomorrow: 2025 and Beyond

Glenn Mercer will present the 2021 update of his ongoing project, commissioned originally by NADA in 2016. The purpose of The Dealership of Tomorrow is to provide new-car dealers with projections as to how the retailing of cars may change (in the USA) over the next decade or so, as input to their strategic plans. Glenn has divided the presentation into two sections: - Inside the store (topics such as ownership consolidation, F&I profitability, etc.), and - Outside the store, including projections for the impact of autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, connected cars, and mobility services. Glenn has decades of experience in the retail automotive sector. In addition to project work for investment firms, he has been an advisor to industry entities (e.g. Ricardo, NADA, NAAA), a Board member for automotive firms, an expert witness in automotive cases, and a lecturer on automotive economics in academia. Glenn has been President of the Society of Automotive Analysts and a Director of the International Motor Vehicle Program.

Glenn Mercer Glenn Mercer Industry Consultant
Available to stream from 7am 02/06/2022

Words that Sell Cars

In a world of “disruption”, car sales are not immune. How do you secure a deal with margin left in it? Simon will detail the 7 Digital Enquiries salespeople deal with and deliver the response proven to work in a disruptive world.

Simon Bowkett Simon Bowkett Symco Training
Managing Director & Founder
Available to stream from 7am 02/06/2022

EVs in the USA: Just the Facts

NADA asked Glenn to review the status and likely direction of EV sales. His report focuses on twelve areas: Customers, Vehicles, Batteries, Charging, Incentives, Economics, Grid, Environment, Employment, Geopolitics, Sales, and Dealers. Glenn will present a summary of the 200+ page report.

Glenn Mercer Glenn Mercer Industry Consultant
Available to stream from 7am 02/06/2022

Maximising Your Most Valuable Franchise

Tommy’s explicit and simple disciplines will help solve the most pressing issues in used car departments. He’ll simplify the complicated with a clear presentation on using common sense and technology, and help Dealers maximise profits with their most valuable franchise.

Tommy Gibbs Tommy Gibbs Tommy Gibbs & Associates
Available to stream from 7am 02/06/2022

How to Get Customer Retention Above 80% in 12 Months

Having visited and worked on over 3500 service drives, Jeff has developed a simple process to help you get above 80% customer retention within twelve months. His system will maximise your sales and deliver the highest survey scores possible.

Jeff Cowan Jeff Cowan Jeff Cowan's Pro Talk
Available to stream from 7am 02/06/2022

Redesign Your People Strategy to Improve Your Customer Experience and Drive Profit

Retail automotive technology and process is evolving yet people strategy remains largely unchanged. Times have changed – so should your organisational structure, job roles, and compensation plans. Learn to retool your people strategy to align with digital retailing and boost net profit.

Candice Crane Candice Crane Crane Automotive Resources
People Strategist
Available to stream from 7am 02/06/2022

Driving Service & Parts Efficiency in an Unpredictable COVID-19 Climate

There is a new “COVID Best Practice” when it comes to operating Service & Parts Departments. This session will cover the three crucial areas: 1. Regaining & Increasing Service Traffic through Better Retention; 2. Increasing Sales Per Transaction; and 3. Increasing Operational Efficiencies.

Lloyd Schiller Lloyd Schiller Fixed Operations Consultant
Available to stream from 7am 02/06/2022

Digital Engagement: The Foundation of Auto Retailing Success

Massive shifts in consumer behaviour and digital technology are transforming how the automotive industry reaches, engages, converts, and maintains customers. In this session, learn how industry leaders are seamlessly integrating online and physical touchpoints into an omnichannel experience that enables them to compete and win in this evolving landscape.

Ben Cooper Ben Cooper SpinCar
Managing Director, International

Note: All times and session details may be subject to change.

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