AADA Convention & Expo Virtual Event
Free* Online Event  |  10-11 November 2020

AADA20 Workshop Program

Day 2 - Wednesday 11th November 2020

Workshop Block 1 - 2:00pm - 2:15pm

Craig Rowney

The future according to Op2ma

We will explore a number of myths (5) that have changed since COVID, and the services that Op2ma provide to deal with the changed environment. The areas covered will include F&I, Lead Management, Dealer Profitability, Improving staff productivity, Service Optimisation.


How to Buy (Privately) and Trade more Used Cars Smarter

Are you struggling to acquire enough quality used cars for your dealership? Would you like the opportunity to trade more used cars? Would you like simple tips & strategies on buying the stock you want from private sellers? Would you like the best template on how to leave your door open when it comes to trading and valuing private cars? I have created a 13 part video series complete with scripts, word tracks, templates, example LIVE calls, the step by step how to’s and the why. Join me as I step you through it and have your dealership geared up to be buying great stock!


The Federal Budget and Super changes impacting your business

The Federal Budget impacts many aspects of our personal and business lives. This session will briefly discuss the Budget effects on your business including – hiring opportunities through JobMaker Credits/ new apprenticeships & traineeships as well as a high level look at the immediate business deprecation writeoffs and loss carry backs. Additionally, super has more changes coming due to the Budget including stapling of member accounts. There will also be some exciting details regarding the merger of MTAA Super and Tasplan Super and future changes.

MTAA Super
Andrew Forster

Low touch e-commerce concepts to generate additional, passive income for your dealership.

August 2020 was the biggest month in Australian online shopping history! What are retail Dealers missing out on? More importantly, what are the opportunities? Join us as we share with you a simple concept that could help you capitalise on these online sales trends using your dealership’s existing sales and service operations.


Automated Marketing to Capture Deferred Work

Following up on customers after they have deferred repair recommendations demonstrates customer care and helps build trust. Infomedia has developed an automated Deferred Work Marketing solution that empowers timely and personalised follow-up campaigns to be sent to customers. Attend Infomedia’s workshop to find out more on how to unlock sales potential of ‘deferred work’, empower your Advisors with new efficiencies, and grow CSI with personalised and automated customer communication.

Workshop Block 2 - 2:30pm - 2:45pm

Darren Kumar

Driving consumer buy-in with finance

Afterpay, Netflix, Spotify… you name it, Australians are more accustomed than ever to weekly and monthly repayments when making purchases. But what about for cars? Join us for this session and find out how you can take advantage of this consumer trend in the car buying journey to close more finance leads.


CitNOW Smart Video – Personal Video for your Sales and Workshop teams

CitNOW is a simple to use, app-based system, which allows Dealers to distribute video to Sales & Service customers via videolink. Videos stream to your customers for a “click and watch” experience. Customers love the transparency that video offers when they’re searching for a new or used car or when they have their car in for service. Transparency breaks down the trust issues many customers have with Dealerships.

Brent O'Connor

Apprentice in training, what the Federal Budget 2020 means for your business

Find out how the new Wage Subsidy can help your business, the benefits of a Group Training Organisation and how hiring your apprentice through Apprenticeships Are Us can save you time, money and effort.

Steve Curran

Future Proof Results: Boost Sales & Service Call Engagement

Future Proof your sales, service, and call centre’s results. With a combination of the right tools and experience, the TSS training team will boost your team’s call engagement, maximising every inbound call opportunity. Whether it’s taking a sales inquiry or service booking, we provide you with processes, tools, resources, benchmarking, and consistency, driving engagement and future proofing your results.

Shane McMillan

Embracing digital dealer solutions for the evolving automotive landscape

What does it mean to truly run leaner within your dealership? For starters, replacing manual systems with automation, and using data to gain insights that can drive more responsive decisions in your business. This is what the dealer of tomorrow can look like for you.


Workshop Block 3 - 3:00pm - 3:15pm

George Cornwell

AdTorque Edge launches industry breakthrough Loyalty product

Why does Australia struggle to run effective retention programs, when in many markets overseas they contribute up to 30% of monthly sales? Join George from AdTorque Edge in the Australian launch of our ALICE retention module. The first customer driven retention program that will deliver self-qualified leads to your business, featuring single platform to handle all customers, cash and finance, automated data from DMS feed, customer driven porcess (self service), and single reporting platform showing leads, Test Drive and Sale. The long-awaited solution to loyalty is finally here.


The smarts of the new Autotrader app

Get an insight into the thinking that went into the new Autotrader app. Find out how it will improve the consumer experience and ultimately drive more dealer engagement.


Used Car Best Practices To Increase Profitability

Kylie Brewer, will explain how Dealer Principals, Sales Managers and key dealership staff can use AutoRadar, our Market Insights platform, and Auto360, our photography app, to make data driven decisions and optimise their vehicle photos and distribution to increase sales. With over 20 years’ experience in the Automotive Industry, Kylie Brewer has a unique understanding of current market trends having worked in various leadership positions within Dealerships, Groups and Automotive classifieds.

David Scheine

From Search to Sold | How to keep business coming in, even if people aren't going out

Learn how your dealership can manage your customer’s journey—from initial search to final sale—digitally. Including, optimizing to increase online lead flow, communicating with customers in their preferred channels, nurturing leads through messaging, and collecting payments via text.


Workshop Block 4 - 3:30pm - 3:45pm

How to evaluate your advertising effectiveness – true ROI

In this combined WildJar and AdTorque Edge workshop, we look at best practice techniques for managing your dealerships phone calls and reducing wastage; from phone tracking (where your calls are coming from) to call monitoring (how your calls are being handled). We also delve into advertising and how integrating phone tracking with lead acquisition platforms such as ALICE can give you clear and accurate visibility of which campaigns are generating the most test drives and vehicle purchases, and therefore the best ROI.

Jardian Ormsby

How do retail dealerships increase their used car market share to survive and thrive in our "new norm"?

As consumer demand for new cars flatten, retail dealer competition spikes and the impact of compression in new car sales margins becomes plain for all to see. Finance and insurance earnings can no longer make up for lost margin amid regulation and service department customer lifetime values are dropping due to ever increasing competition for oil changes…But luckily, used car sales margins have stepped in to fill these revenue gaps. In this workshop, we explore the (data driven) habits of successful used car Dealers operating in our “new norm”.

Dealer Meter
Andrew Avro

Unprecedented times, guaranteed profits

AutoXCarCare has partnered with hundreds of Dealerships across the country, offering them great insight on how to generate more profits in unprecedented times. Customers seek value and convenience as their most important factors, the products and services you offer need to meet those needs. We have mastered the skills needed and offer world first technology to undertake all cosmetic repairs
AutoX Car Care
Matthew Tickell

Lead Management, CRM & Customer Experience

e-GoodManners is excited to announce the release of our all-new platform at this year’s AADA. We are looking forward to demonstrating our new all-in-one integrated Dealership Management Solution. Available across all devices and fully integrated to ensure the entire customer journey can be managed in one platform. Assisting Dealers to create an amazing Customer Experience to drive improved Sales & Profitability.