AADA Convention and Expo
Melbourne  |  24-25 July 2024

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AADA 2023 Speaker

Evange Epa

National Business Performance Manager, Angle Auto Finance

Evange is the National Business Performance Manager for Angle Auto Finance and leads the Angle Academy program which focuses on delivering insights and best practice to improve Dealer finance outcomes and experience. With nine years of financial services experience, Evange has worked across a number of major organisations within auto and banking and has developed expertise in sales enablement strategies and process design.

With a focus on training, coaching and sales development, Evange is at the forefront of working with Angle Auto dealer partners to better understand current sales challenges and process inefficiencies to design effective solutions that increase finance penetration and income.

Evange talks to the current challenges faced by dealerships and how best to prepare and embrace the emerging trends and changes that will impact the Auto Industry.

Evange Epa is appearing in the following sessions.
General Session
We live in the age of increasing digitisation and personalisation. Consumers are moving from physical to online shopping experiences. Data collected by RFI Global found 44% of dealership customers thought about...