AADA Convention and Expo
Melbourne  |  24-25 July 2024

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Data-Driven Communication: Key to Automotive Customer Retention.

Presented by

Gary Martin - Marque Group Solutions

WHEN: Thursday 25th July
TIME: 11:45 am – 12:30 pm

Fostering better customer retention hinges on leveraging robust data insights and maintaining timely, effective communication channels. By analysing customer preferences, purchase histories, and feedback, dealerships can tailor personalised experiences, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty. Implementing automated reminders for service appointments, maintenance checks, and vehicle updates ensures proactive engagement, fostering a sense of care and reliability. Moreover, utilising CRM systems to streamline interactions and promptly address concerns strengthens relationships, instilling trust and encouraging repeat business. Ultimately, prioritising healthy data management and communication practices cultivates enduring customer connections, vital for sustained success in the competitive automotive landscape.

Presented by:

CEO, Marque Group Solutions

Gary Martin - CEO, Marque Group Solutions...