AADA Convention and Expo
Melbourne  |  24-25 July 2024

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From Chaos to Clarity: Navigating Data Pain Points

Presented by

Dallas Tilley - SalesLogs

WHEN: Wednesday 24th July
TIME: 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm

In today’s automotive industry, dealerships face critical challenges in navigating complex data landscapes to thrive amidst fierce competition. With data scattered across various departments, achieving clarity and efficiency becomes paramount. To overcome this, dealerships must not only manage but master data, turning it into a strategic asset for informed decision-making, operational optimisation, and improved customer experiences. By consolidating data sources, inconsistencies are eliminated, allowing for precise operations, streamlined processes, optimised marketing, and better alignment of sales targets with stock levels and forecasts. This approach not only addresses pain points but cultivates a culture of growth and performance within dealership teams.

Presented by:

Regional Manager, SalesLogs

Dallas Tilley - Regional Manager, SalesLogs...