AADA Convention and Expo
Melbourne  |  24-25 July 2024

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Artificial Intelligence: Don’t find yourself saying “I wish I did…”

Artificial Intelligence: Don’t find yourself saying “I wish I did…”

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In the last few decades, we’ve all seen opportunities come and go. Some we’ve seized, while others have left us kicking ourselves for missing out. Whether it was the rise of internet stocks, the power of social media and e-commerce, or the explosion of cryptocurrency, each presented unique chances. Now, humanity and the global economy are beginning to realize the profound impact artificial intelligence will have on our daily lives and businesses.

As you read this today, consider it a sign not to find yourself in regret, looking back in five years wishing you had started educating yourself earlier. Don’t let this be another missed opportunity.

The automotive industry thrives on constant evolution, where those who adapt and embrace future trends are the ones who succeed. We are at a pivotal juncture, a moment in history where we’ll either say, “I wish I did,” or “I’m glad I did.” At this year’s AADA show in Melbourne, CMT Scanner will showcase a revolutionary, Australian-made, world-first artificial intelligence system through a live drive-through demonstration.

CMT Scanner’s 100% autonomous AI-driven vehicle inspection system can document vehicles entering your dealership, whether for service, new arrivals, or pre-owned. This cutting-edge technology highlights external imperfections such as dents, scratches, tire tread, and underbody condition. Powered by AI, it analyzes this information and autonomously presents the cost of necessary repairs.

Imagine this: a customer drives their vehicle into your service lane. The CMT Scanner instantly performs a 360-degree inspection, capturing and analyzing every detail. If the AI detects small cosmetic damages that can be repaired the same day, it quotes the repair cost and uses conversational AI to communicate the offer via SMS to the customer. Upon approval, the AI informs the service advisor and the onsite repair technician.

To streamline the process further, CMT Scanner has partnered with a repair provider who can be permanently on-site, ready to begin repairs immediately upon customer approval. The dealership benefits from a revenue share of any repairs autonomously offered and executed by this third-party provider.

The benefits extend beyond cosmetic repairs. The AI can also instantly provide a vehicle valuation upon each service arrival, allowing the sales and service departments to collaborate and enhance the customer’s lifecycle and journey. By documenting the vehicle’s condition, dealerships can also mitigate the risk of false damage claims from customers.

Additionally, the AI system ensures compliance with the 48-hour reporting window for cosmetic damage on new vehicles. Often, this requirement gets missed due to the high volume of vehicle arrivals, leading to dealers owning the damage. With the CMT Scanner, new vehicles are scanned upon arrival, and any damages are immediately reported with supporting images and repair quotations for OEM reimbursement.

The CMT Scanner transforms the entire dealership experience. Service advisors can focus on building customer relationships rather than taking images. Repair technicians receive instant identification of areas of concern before the vehicle is hoisted. The pre-conditioning dashboard allows operators to receive instant repair pricing and push it for managerial approval. Once approved, any sub-let repairs are scheduled through a central dashboard, expediting the turnaround from trade-in to sales lot.

Dealerships can install a CMT Scanner at no cost and start generating new revenue effortlessly. Elevating the customer experience, exceeding expectations, and ensuring retention has never been this seamless. This is the future of mobility, and we invite you to witness it firsthand at this year’s AADA show in Melbourne.

Don’t miss this transformative opportunity. Discover how the CMT Scanner can propel your dealership into the future and secure a sustainable, profitable business model. The industry is changing—will you be part of the revolution?

Register for AADA 2024 below, and learn how to adapt, innovate, and thrive.

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