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Melbourne  |  24-25 July 2024

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Boost Your Workforce with Skilled Apprentices: How Apprenticeships Are Us Can Help

Boost Your Workforce with Skilled Apprentices: How Apprenticeships Are Us Can Help

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Who we are, and how we can help your business:

Apprenticeships Are Us Ltd is a registered charity and not-for-profit that is committed to assisting young school leavers, disadvantaged youth, and the wider community (our beneficiaries) into and completing an apprenticeship in the automotive industry. Our unique group training organisation consists of automotive apprenticeship specialists working with the automotive industry to source apprenticeship opportunities for our beneficiaries. This means we can be more hands-on by regularly working with our Apprentices and their Host Businesses to ensure the satisfaction and well-being of both. You will find us at careers fairs, trade expos, State and Federal Government forums, vocational education and training working groups, and regular meetings with interested stakeholders.

Apprenticeships Are Us Ltd is dedicated to developing sustainable career paths for our beneficiaries so that they may have a strong start to their career. Throughout the apprenticeship journey we provide mentoring, on-the-job support, life skills training and employability training whilst the apprentice undertakes employment and formalised training at a Registered Training Organisation of their choice.

As a business owner and/or manager are you struggling to employ apprentices, enroll apprentices in training and register their apprenticeship? Applicants not turning up for interviews? Do you also struggle to find time to complete weekly payroll? Are you concerned your insurance premiums with relation to employment are increasing? Apprenticeships Are Us have these services covered.

Services we cover
  • Payroll: Your organisation will receive a weekly invoice that includes all associated costs.
  • HR: All apprentice-related matters will be handled in collaboration with your organisation.
  • Baseline audiometric testing will be arranged within the first three months of employment.
  • ARU will participate in the latest industry group meeting and keep your organisation informed of any changes affecting apprentices.
Charge out rates
  • Apprentices employed through ARU are only charged out for 44.5 weeks per year. Public holidays, annual leave and sick leave are not invoiced.
  • All apprentices are paid according to the Vehicle Repair, Services and Retail Award [MA000089]
  • All statutory costs are covered in the charge-out rate.
  • Charge-out rate inclusions:
    o Superannuation 11%
    o Workers Compensation 8.5%
    o Apprentice PPE
    o Apprentice training fees
  • Host Business will not be invoiced for the following lost time:
    o Annual Leave Accumulation and Associated Costs 17.5%
    o Sick Leave
    o Public Holiday
Apprenticeships we offer
  • Light Vehicle
  • Heavy Vehicle
  • Auto Electrical
  • Marine Mechanic
  • Panel Beater
  • Plant Mechanics
  • Spray Painting
  • Aircraft Mechanic
  • Spare Parts Interpreter
  • Tyre Fitting
  • Fitter Machinist
Apprentice support

Apprentices employed by ARU will benefit from a dedicated Apprentice Employment Manager (A E M) who will guide and support the apprentice throughout the apprenticeship journey.

ARU will oversee:
  • The training schedules and progress of apprentices.
  • All AEM’s are trained in dealing with Mental Health and First Aid situations.
  • Offering apprentices access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • Supplying apprentices with necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as boots, pants, shirts, safety goggles, hearing protection, and gloves.
  • In the fourth year of the apprenticeship, ARU will discuss further training opportunities which may include Auto Electrical, Air Conditioning or Electric Vehicle Courses.

Additionally, all apprentices will be granted access to ARU’s internal learning platform to address work-related and everyday challenges through brief courses aimed at enhancing their problem-solving skills effectively.

What our apprentices say

“Just want to say a big thank you to Apprenticeships Are Us! I completed a 4-year apprenticeship, and Apprenticeships Are Us has done nothing but their best to help me along the way to make sure I succeed in getting the knowledge I need to do and complete my trade. Over the 4 years of my apprenticeship, Apprenticeships Are Us never left my side and I can’t thank them enough. Great company to do an apprenticeship through would recommend to anyone looking at an automotive apprenticeship to go through these guys. 11/10 service.”
– Lachlan

We look forward to seeing you at Booth 107 at the 2024 AADA Expo!
Phone: (02) 9891 6900
Email: info@apprus.com.au

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