AADA Convention & Expo Virtual Event
Free* Online Event  |  10-11 November 2020

Combatting Margin Compression – Special Presentation by Dale Pollak

Unprecedented times tend to yield unprecedented outcomes….

This has been the story for Dealers in used vehicles around the globe during the past several months, and that’s the message that Dale Pollak will deliver at AADA 2020 Moving Forward.

Many dealers were able to achieve record-setting levels of sales and profitability in their used vehicle departments – despite the unprecedented combination of the COVID-19 pandemic, huge job losses and a level of economic and social instability that many of us have never experienced. The key to this success is a strategy that combats margin compression.

From pioneering the Velocity Method of Management® to founding vAuto Inc., Dale Pollak has lived a life on the leading edge of the automotive industry.

His session on Combatting Margin Compression at AADA 2020 Moving Forward will be a highlight in a busy and engaging schedule.

Don’t miss this session at 9.15AM on Wednesday 11 November#!

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