AADA Convention and Expo
Brisbane  |  2-3 June 2022

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David Blackhall

David Blackhall


David has excellent industry experience through a long and successful career in the automotive industry. As the former CEO of the AADA (2016-2019), David also has extensive experience in working with the Government and industry.

During his time as the AADA CEO, he made some significant gains for the AADA and its members. Since 2019, David has continued to provide valuable support to the AADA and its members as an independent consultant, supporting the AADA in its fight for better automotive franchising regulations.

Join David in the AADA Keynote Session on Tuesday 8 March. for his Chairman's Address.

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Thursday 2nd June June 2, 2022
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

AADA Keynote Session: AADA Chairman's Address

AADA Central

For the first time in two years, we gather again, having endured the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and its lockdowns that prevented us from holding last year’s Convention in person.

The AADA welcomes David Blackhall as Chairman and looks forward to his first Chairman’s Address at the 2022 AADA Convention & Expo. Well known to AADA members David was AADA Chief Executive from 2016- 2019. With a stellar career in the automotive sector David holds retail directorships in leading Australian automotive companies and was the Chief Executive of Jaguar Land Rover Australia for more than 11 years.

At the helm of AADA David Blackhall is ready to lead the fight for better automotive franchising regulations and regulatory outcomes for franchised new car dealers.