AADA Convention and Expo
Brisbane  |  2-3 June 2022

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Lee Peters

Lee Peters

Deloitte Motor Industry Services
Partner, Audit and Assurance

Lee is a Partner at Deloitte Motor Industry Services team, and has worked with automotive clients across Asia-Pacific in numerous roles, including dealership optimisation, network finance analysis and OEM transformation strategy.

Lee has nearly 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry, and is charged with overseeing our OEM distributer network and dealership performance optimisation practice.

Join Lee Peters and Dale McCauley in Profit in Focus with Deloitte in our AADA General Session on Thursday 2 June.

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Thursday 2nd June June 2, 2022
9:30 am - 12:30 pm

AADA General Session: Profit in Focus with Deloitte

AADA Central

Profit in Focus with Deloittewill be presented live at the 2022 AADA Convention & Expo, and be available live streamed.

Deloitte Motor Industry Services’ Profit Focus platform is the most insightful, independent, analysis of the state of the retail motor industry, and this presentation, which will also be streamed live online, will be one of the most important sessions of AADA 2022 Future Focused.

The Deloitte Profit Focus philosophy is to use data-driven insights to help you fine tune the performance of your business. They help you to uncover the opportunities you are missing, and then make the most of them.

More than just a collection of numbers, the Deloitte Motor Industry Services Benchmarks are a cohesive framework of key indicators designed to help you build and manage a Dealership that achieves long-term, sustainable profitability.

Join us and Deloitte Motor Industry Services at the 2022 AADA Convention & Expo and get your Dealership ‘Profit Focused’.