AADA Convention and Expo
Melbourne  |  24-25 July 2024

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Experience the Future of Car Buying at AADA 2024

Discover the Consumer Changeover Journey

Get ready to dive into the rapidly evolving automotive industry landscape at the 2024 AADA Convention & Expo. Industry leaders will converge to discuss key issues and explore exciting opportunities in the automotive sector. A highlight of the event is the VicRoads Special Panel Presentation: “The Consumer Changeover Journey: What’s Changed and Where are the Opportunities?”

Understanding Today’s Car Buyer

In our digital era, car buying often begins online, but the process can quickly become complex and frustrating. Pitcher Partners and AutoGrab have conducted in-depth research into the “Car Buying Changeover Journey,” revealing the challenges and pain points consumers face when moving from one vehicle to the next.

Key Insights Revealed

Surveying 600 consumers nationwide, the research offers a detailed look at modern car buyers’ expectations and obstacles. These findings challenge current perceptions and offer dealers new perspectives on consumer behaviour during the changeover process.

The Continued Importance of Dealerships

Despite the digital boom, consumers still prefer the personal touch of dealerships. The panel will explore why this trend continues and how dealerships can leverage this preference to enhance their customer relationships.

Embracing Omnichannel Strategies

To succeed in today’s market, dealers need a seamless omnichannel strategy that combines online and offline experiences. The panel will share best practices for creating a cohesive customer journey, with a focus on innovative financing solutions that meet the needs of digitally savvy buyers.

Meet the Experts

Moderated by Michael Holmes, CEO of CarBee, the session will feature a panel of distinguished industry experts:

Stewart Bird, Chief Product Officer at AutoGrab
Steven Bragg, Partner at Pitcher Partners, Motor Industry Services
Natalie Burrows, Sales Director at VicRoads – Commercial
Emma Doyle, General Manager of Marketing & Communications at Sime Darby

They will dissect the survey findings and offer practical solutions on:

Consumer Drivers and Frustrations: Understanding what motivates car buyers and what frustrates them.
Dealer Strategies: Optimising the car buying journey to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Omnichannel Integration: Creating a seamless online and offline customer experience.
Financing Solutions: Meeting the financial needs of today’s car buyers.

Join the Conversation

Don’t miss this essential session at AADA 2024. Gain invaluable insights from the latest research and learn how to transform these insights into strategies that enhance your customers’ experience.

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